New York City Begins Counting Mail-In Ballots Tomorrow, Determining Several Local Races

New York City Begins Counting Mail-In Ballots Tomorrow, Determining Several Local Races

By Yehudit Garmaise:


   The votes that were cast on Election Day last Tuesday are counted, but tomorrow, New York City will begin to add to those totals the 500,000 mail-in ballots that can swing several local races.

  Absentee votes that were mailed in the U.S. and were postmarked by Nov. 3 have until Tuesday to reach the Board of Elections, while the ballots from overseas and from U.S. residents in the military have until Nov. 16 for their ballots to be counted.

  Among the local races that are yet to be called because of the ongoing ballot counting is the race for the U.S. Representative of the 11th District, which covers Staten Island and southern Brooklyn in which Nicole Malliotakis (R) looks as if she has beaten by a wide margin incumbent U.S. Rep Max Rose, who has not yet conceded.

    The Assembly District 46 race, which represents Coney Island, a traditionally Democratic area, could see an unexpected winner, as Mark Szukiewicz (R), who has shown online support for the far-right group QAnon, which is known for its unusual conspiracy theories, currently has accrued slightly more votes than incumbent Assemblywoman Mathylde Frontus (D).

   Another unpredictable race that has also has Republican with a slight lead over a Democrat is the race for Assembly District 63, which represents Staten Island.  GOP challenger Anthony De Guerre (R) is showing a slight lead over incumbent Michael Cusick (D), who has been in office since 2003.

  On Long Island, state Senate Democrats Monica Martinez, Jim Gaughran, and Kevin Thomas are all awaiting the counts of the mail-in ballots for a winner to be declared.

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