Mayor de Blasio Announces Mobile Vaccine Van to go Live in Sunset Park on Tuesday

Mayor de Blasio Announces Mobile Vaccine Van to go Live in Sunset Park on Tuesday

By Yehudit Garmaise   

 New York City’s vaccine effort is not only going stronger than ever, but it is on the move.

     This week, Mayor Bill de Blasio has increased the number of city-run vaccination sites from three to 25, is now allowing seniors 75 and older to get vaccinated without appointments, and as of yesterday, all New Yorkers,16 and up, are eligible for vaccination. 

     In addition, so that New York City can “reach deeper and deeper into communities” and “continue to reach those most vulnerable, this morning Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the addition of a mobile vaccine bus, which he said is “the first of its kind,” has been added the city’s current fleet of 20 vaccination vans.

   “Our mobile vaccine bus can help us reach those who we have missed and bring the vaccinations to them,” said Mayor de Blasio, who added this week, the bus, which can vaccinate 200 New Yorkers per day, will focus on restaurant workers and restaurant delivery workers in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

   “These are folks who have been heroic during this whole pandemic,” said the mayor. “Restaurant and delivery workers have been making sure New Yorkers are fed, they have been out there, they have been vulnerable.

  “This bus will tear down barriers to getting vaccinated, by bringing the vaccine hundreds of doses of day, literally to your doorstep,” said Ted Long, MD, who is the senior vice president of ambulatory care at New York City Health + Hospitals, and who, on a Zoom call, showed reporters the new van, which was parked outside of City Hall.

    The mobile vaccine bus has within it, “six exams rooms that are safely separated by six feet, so we can be doing six vaccines at any given moment here,” said Dr. Long, who is also the Executive Director of the NYC COVID-19 Test & Trace Corps, who also pointed out the bus’s American Disabilities Association lift.

 Credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

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