Mayor Creates 10,000 Jobs for New Yorkers in City Cleanup Corps

Mayor Creates 10,000 Jobs for New Yorkers in City Cleanup Corps

By Yehudit Garmaise

    Mayor Bill De Blasio is not just talking about wanting to clean up the city, but he is willing to pay $15 an hour to New Yorkers who would like to help to “make this city shine,” he said, noting that 1,000 jobs are already posted online. 

    This morning, the mayor announced that he is making great use of his slice of the $23.3 billion the state received from the federal stimulus to create 10,000 new jobs in a City Cleanup Corps.

   “Folks will be out there, eradicating graffiti, beautifying parks, helping our wonderful Open Streets program to be as beautiful as it can be, making sure there's less litter on the streets : You name it,” the mayor said with excitement. There's an opportunity right now for folks to get to work doing this important service to the city.”

   “There'll be another 500 [jobs posted] very soon, and we will continue hiring, hiring, hiring until we hit 10,000,” Mayor de Blasio said. “This is going to be part of what brings New York City back strong.”

    In addition to providing much-needed jobs to New Yorkers who have suffered so much financially and otherwise throughout the pandemic, the mayor said he is looking forward to the “the energy that’s going to be created by the big spring cleaning and summer cleaning of this whole city.”

   “We're obviously tipping our cap to the extraordinary times of the New Deal,” said the mayor, who spoke nostalgically about the stories he heard growing up about President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps, which was a work relief program in 1933 to 1942 that provided Americans with work after the Great Depression. 

   As to where the dedicated team of New Yorkers will be focusing its clean-up efforts, the mayor said that he is “going to be listening to elected officials and community leaders about some of the areas that most need to be cleaned up in their communities.

   “We're going to focus on the 33 neighborhoods delineated by our Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity and make sure there are special cleanup efforts there where needed most.

   “We're also going to focus on business districts, commercial streets, places where we depend on our economic recovery to happen. We want to beautify them. We want to show New York City is open for business and moving forward."

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