Mayor Bill de Blasio Acknowledges Potential Ambiguity on Whether Yeshivas Can Reclassify As “Childcare Centers"

Mayor Bill de Blasio Acknowledges Potential Ambiguity on Whether Yeshivas Can Reclassify As “Childcare Centers"

Although yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said in a press conference that he disallowed yeshivas in red zones claiming that they could remain open by calling themselves “childcare centers,” which are considered essential businesses, this morning, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that he feels that whether yeshivas are allowed to re-name themselves has yet to be clarified.

  “We are working with all the yeshivas to make sure they understand the rules and follow the rules,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at his daily press conference this morning. “There is a gray area [for which] we are waiting for more guidance from the state, in the area of childcare and what the areas are related to childcare.

   “So this is something we are talking about with the state right now to resolve it. I think everyone needs clear standards. We don’t have enough clarity on childcare. As soon as we get that, we are going to make sure that everyone understands it and follows it.”

 Mayor de Blasio opened his press conference by saying that “There does not need to be a second wave in New York City.

  “We can stop a second wave in New York City if we act decisively now, and that comes down to all of us.”

   Mayor de Blasio, who often cites the second wave and second complete shutdowns currently experienced in Europe, explained that the red, orange, and yellow zones of the city should be observing the second weeks of the “pause” that have been established by the state.

 “We do see, in today’s results, an indication of some leveling off [of COVID positivity rates], some improvements, and all these grassroots efforts, all the education, all the face mask distribution, the enforcement, the testing, it is all having an impact,” the mayor said. “But we have more to do [to stop a second wave of COVID.]

Credit: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office.


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