Massive grassroots effort to raise $2.5 million on behalf of Refuah Helpline culminates tonight

Massive grassroots effort to raise $2.5 million on behalf of Refuah Helpline culminates tonight

After weeks of preparation, Refuah Helpline heads into the final hours of a fundraising drive that promises to be among the largest in our community’s history. The Refuah Helpline campaign, ending at midnight tonight, has set an ambitious goal of $2,500,000 raised to ensure the continuance of the vital services the organization has become known for.

 Refuah Helpline, founded by the incomparable Mrs. Landau, has developed into the go-to destination for patients and families dealing with a medical crisis. Over 30 staff members manage thousands of cases around the globe, and every case is handled by the Refuah Helpline team with boundless devotion and care.

 The organization’s services have become an integral part of communal life, and are relied upon by Yidden of every background. These include medical referrals, networking with experts around the globe for second opinions and available treatments, ensuring that patients receive the greatest care possible, holding the hands of families as they navigate their tumultuous ordeal, and more.

 Over the years, Refuah Helpline’s reputation has continued to grow, both within the community and in the medical world. Today, top doctors open doors at the organization’s request, and patients rely on Refuah Helpline as they make life altering decisions. Nearly everyone has heard a hair-raising story or two where Refuah saved the day - and saved a life.

 The Refuah Helpline operations come with a hefty price tag, and funding is needed to ensure that every patient receives the support they need. To that end, hundreds of individuals who have benefited from these services or are aware of their importance have committed to help raise 2.5 million dollars which will go towards assisting Cholei Yisroel and their families.

 The campaign is highlighting the gut wrenching stories of individuals who have faced harrowing medical predicaments, and have benefited from one of Refuah Helpline’s many services on their road to recovery. Together with a message from the organization’s founder, the campaign theme implores every community member to unite in Klal Yisroel’s mission to support our messengers in their mission of hatzolas nefashos.

 The 36-hour campaign is hosted on as well as over the phone at 845.606.9222. It is expected that the community will come to the organization’s aid in these final hours with generosity and an open heart. After the year our community just went through, donors will hope to merit a year of health in the zechus of supporting this vital cause.

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