Levy Falkowitz & Malchis Choir - "Tehei Hashu" [Joined By Crowd Of 10k People]

A Moshe Heilperin Production.

Levy Falkowitz flew in to Israel to perform at the yearly Bein Hazmanim Musical Concert made by the Rosh Haeer of Elad, where Levy was joined on stage by a full production of the Ahrele Nachshony Orchestra and accompanied The Malchis Choir.

One of the songs that were performed at the event, was a beautiful heart stirring original song by Levy that was scheduled for release a month after the show in time for Rosh Hashanah, the song Composed by Yitzy Berry and in collaboration with 'Malchis Choir', so for its very first time Levy introduced the song for the public at that event where the audience came in very strong, loud & clear.

Pinches Bichler, Founder & Conductor of the Malchis Choir took upon himself to teach the audience the new beautiful melody, with his magical talent he managed to get and bring vibes into the song with the voice of over 10,000 participants at the show!


Song Composed by: Yitzy Berry.

Performed by: Levy Falkowitz & Malchis Choir.

Music Arranged by: Ahrele Nachshony.

Filmed by: Nati Elbar.

Edited by: Shlomo Rivkin.

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