Levayah of the Sanz Rebbe Zt"l

Levayah of the Sanz Rebbe Zt"l

A great cloud of sorrow was felt Motza Shabbos when Klal Yisroel heard the bitter news of the petira of the Sanzer Rebbe Zatzal in Boro Park at the age of ninety-six years.

The Rebbe Zatzal was a descendent and had a very special yichus from many Tzadikim. The very Tzaddikim of the previous generation from whom we draw life. The Sanz Rebbe Zatzal had a yichus of ben-acher-ben from the generations of Sanzer Rebbes. The Rebbe’s father haRov haKadosh R’ Baruch Zatzal was in Gribov and was the last Rebbe who presided over the Chassidus in Sanz.

As a rare Rebbish kindt from the old country, the Rebbe Zatzal found a special warmth among the great Tzadikim of that generation. The Rebbe Zatzal spent the war years in the bitter cold of Siberia where he lost most of his family. After the war, the Rebbe Zatzal lived in the shadow of the previous Tzadikim.

After arriving in New York following the war, the Rebbe Zatzal decided to keep the Sanz Chassidus alive and founded Sanz in Boro Park. The Rebbe led the Chassidus for many years with a special grace. The Rebbe Zatzal had a unique appreciation for the language of learning and was mekarev many Yidden with his special approach.

Over many years, the Rebbe Zatzal built up a Machon Yuchsin where the study of the yichus of many great Tzadikim was conducted. This brought the Rebbe Zatzal special favor in the eyes of Bnei Yisroel.

Another of the Rebbe’s Zatzal many accomplishments was the establishment of a Hachnosos Orchim D’Boro Park where each and every Yid in need could find a meal to eat and where to sleep.

Just last year, despite the Rebbe’s Zatzal poor health, he traveled to Eretz Yisroel to celebrate the chasuna of an einikel and was accorded many kibbudim.

The day before yesterday, the rebbe Zatzal was feeling weak and R”L was niftar on Friday night returning his precious neshama to HKB”H. The Rebbe Zatzal left behind many generations of descendants.

The levaya took place Motza Shabbos at Chatzos in the Sanz Beis Medrash in Boro Park on 48th Street. The Rebbe Zatzal was then brought to the Beis HaChaim in New Jersey in the Chalkah of Kehilas Sanz where he was laid to rest.

The Rebbe’s Zatzal sons are:
• Rabbi Baruch Halberstam Shlita
• Rabbi Mordechai Ze'ev Halberstam Shlita
• Rabbi Menachem Zvi Halberstam Shlita
• Rabbi Asher Halberstam Shlita
• Rabbi Sinai Halberstam Shlita
• Rabbi Aharon Halberstam Shlita
• Rabbi Chaim Meir Halberstam Shlita
• Rabbi Kalman Halberstam
• Rabbi Leibush Halberstam Shlita.

The Rebbe’s Zatzal eidims are:
• The Alexander Rebbe Shlita of Boro Park,
• Rabbi Chaim Yitzhak Rubin Shlita,
• Rabbi Chaim Yechiel Michal Spiegel Shlita
• Rabbi Eliahu Katz Shlita
• Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov Weissmandel Shlita
• Rabbi Yehoshua Shalom Natan Rubin Shlita.

Photos of the Levaya By: Avrumi Berger

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