Klil Tiferes Skulen celebrates Sefer Torah that honors the Skulen Rebbe, zt”l

Klil Tiferes Skulen celebrates Sefer Torah that honors the Skulen Rebbe, zt”l

    By Yehudit Garmaise:

     On Sept. 6, Klil Tiferes Skulen, the shul led by Rabbi Meir David Skula, merited to celebrate a Hachnosses Sefer Torah that the shul donated and dedicated to honor the memory of Ha Rav Yisroel Avrohom Portugal, zt”l, the previous Skulen Rebbe, who passed away on April 1, 2019.

    Rav Skula, who is a grandson of the Skulen rebbe zt"l, leads the shul of the younger generation of Skulners in Boro Park, and he led his kehilla to raise the funds for the new sefer Torah. To divide and conquer the fundraising the shul required, the kehilla divided the cost of its new sefer Torah into the 54 parshios, to which members could sponsor and donate different amounts.

   The simcha started on Sept. 3, when nearly 100 people gathered at Lumiere Hall, where scores of kehilla members waited patiently in line to fill in the letters of the last few lines of the Torah. Three of the previous Skulen Rebbe’s sons: Rebbe Meir Portugal of Williamsburg, the Skulen Rov of Boro Park, and the Grand Skulener Rebbi, wrote in the Torah’s last few words, before the group set out to dance through the streets with its new Torah.

   From Lumiere Hall, music played, children waved flags, men carried fiery torches, and the freilach group joyously danced with its new Torah scroll down 50th St. to between 13th and 14th to Klil Tiferes Skulen on 14th Ave and 43rd Street to place the Torah in the Aron Kodesh.

   After dancing in the shul, the group made its way to Zemer Hall on 38th Street to eat a festive meal and listen to three different singing performances: Lev Choir, Motti Ilowitz, and what one chassid in attendance called the highlight of the evening: the children’s choir Yiddishe Nachas, led by Moshe Kraus.

   Also joining the simcha at the dinner were the Skulen Rebbes zt"l two other sons: The Skulener Rebbe from Monsey and the Skulener Rabbi of Lakewood.

   Rabbi Skula then spoke meaningfully about the shiur his gives to his kehilla every night, and together, the group finished a mesechta, made a siyum, and danced with great feeling.

   The Skulener Rebbe spoke quite emotionally about his gratitude to be honored to participate in the Hachnosos Sefer Torah in honor of his father: to honor his father’s love of Torah, and all of his father’s mesirus nefesh, said Menachem Itzkowitz who attended the Hachnosos Sefer Torah.

     When Yiddishe Nachas sang a line from Slichos, “Please we ask G-d to help us,” the Grand Rabbi picked up his hands at times to express his deeply felt emotions. The Skulener Rebbe later said that the boys’ singing melted his heart.

   “The singing really was out of this world,” said Itzkowitz.

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