Klausenburger Rebbe Lashes Out at ‘Murderers’ Who Don’t Follow Guidelines

Klausenburger Rebbe Lashes Out at ‘Murderers’ Who Don’t Follow Guidelines

Boro Park - People who disregard distancing guidelines instituted as a protection against the coronavirus are “murderers,” the Klausenburger rebbe of Boro Park declared, pleading with them to listen to the public health experts.

The rebbe acknowledged in a special shmuess delivered via telephone to his chassidim on Motzei Shabbos that he was talking “very sharply,” but insisted that it was necessary to counter those who are lenient in the mitzvah of pikuach nefesh.

“Stay home,” he pleaded. “All those are suddenly frum, are they frum in other things also? A person is not even a baal habayis over his own body... Have mercy on yourself and your family. See how many Yidden have died already. Have mercy on your mother and father. Who wants to be a murderer, even inadvertently?”

“I know,” he added, “that there will be those who say I’m paranoid, but to them I say: ‘It is better to be a shoteh all your life than to do one act of evil even once.’ After all, the halacha suspends the laws of Shabbos for the benefit of a patient, even if it is only for the benefit of an hour of life, that is, even if he lives for only another 10 minutes, and here people allow themselves to underestimate the value of people’s lives?”

“One should do whatever he can to protect himself and not listen to all the fools, the fools who are toiveling in mikvaos,” he said. “Those are the real rotzchim!”

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