Junior Chef: Parsha Bo-TIe Shepsele

Junior Chef:  Parsha Bo-TIe Shepsele

Get ready for Parshas Bo with this week's  Parsha Bo-Tie Shepsele project, a perfect centerpiece your Junior Chef can make for the Shabbos table.   

Your Junior Chef will need -

  • Marshmallows 
  • Baking chocolate 
  • Animal cookies - sheep 
  • Lasso 
  • Mini sour belt
  • Tea biscuits 

Step #1 

Melt the baking chocolate and smear it onto a tea biscuit 

Step #2

Cut the marshmallow in half widthwise and place it onto the tea biscuit while the chocolate is still melted, forming a pillow, and place one sour belt cut to size to form a blanket.

Step #3 

Cut a piece of the lasso and place one end on the back of the tea biscuit with a little bit of melted baking chocolate. Tie the other end around the sheep’s neck..

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