In Summer Months, Don’t Become a Victim of Thievery

While a lot of us leave our homes and head upstate, there is something we need to be aware of - burglaries. During the summer months break-ins are very common as many homes are left empty.

Boro Park Shomrim put together a list of ways to keep your home protected.

They say to make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked. 

It is important to keep some lights on to make it look like someone is always home. 

Cameras should be set up.

As an extra precaution you can put up gates on windows.

Try to keep a radio or air conditioner on for noise, to scare thieves away. 

It’s smart to have a Shabbos timer on.

Ask your neighbors to take in your mail and packages while your away.

Most importantly install alarms that will notify you and the police when something is wrong.

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