Hundreds Escort Elder Aleksander Rebbetzin at Levaya

Hundreds Escort Elder Aleksander Rebbetzin at Levaya

Boro Park - Hundreds of Yidden attended the levaya Sunday morning of the elder Aleksander Rebbetzin, the mother of the rebbe of Boro Park and almana of the previous rebbe, who passed away on Shabbos.

Rebbetzin Rochel Singer, 95, was the mother of the Aleksander rebbe and the rosh yeshiva of the local Aleksander yeshiva. The levaya took place at the Aleksander beis medrash on 56th Street.

The Rebbetzin was the wife of Rav Yechiel Menachem Singer zt”l, who was niftar in 1989. He was the great-grandson of the prewar rebbe, the Tiferes Shmuel.

The nifteres’s son-in-law began the levayah with Tehillim. Rebbes and rabbanim who attended included the Bobov45 rebbe, the Sarvosher Rov, Brisdovitser rebbe, Rav Yisroel Erenster, Bluzhever rebbe and the Sanzer rebbe.

The levaya passed by the Aleksander yeshivah on 17th Ave. and 62nd Street before heading out to the beis hachaim in New Jersey for kevurah.

The Rebbetzin was buried near her husband, the previous rebbe.

She is survived by her 6 sons:

Reb Yankel, 

Reb Yosef - the Aleksander Rebbe

Reb Burich - Rosh Yeshiva

Reb Shmiel 

Reb Yerachmiel

Reb Duvid 

And her only daughter the oldest of the family, Rebetzin Eiger.

Yehi zicra boruch.

Photos by Issac Y.


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