Heavy Track Maintenance at Boro Park's F Station

Heavy Track Maintenance at Boro Park's F Station

BoroPark24 Staff

Boro Parkers who pass the 47th Street and McDonald Ave neighborhood not only can't fail to miss the ongoing work at the train station and on the train tracks but have most likely also sat in traffic for a considerable time due to the continued work.

Last Friday was just one example of the intense gridlock resulting from the huge cranes seen lifting gigantic pieces of train tracks and placing them on the tracks, resulting in the closure of one of the main thoroughfares that bridge the distance between Boro Park and Flatbush, where excess traffic passes through day and night. 

BoroPark24 reached out to the MTA for more details on this ongoing project. 

"This is part of NYCT's track renewal work along the Culver line to deliver safer, more reliable, and faster service to F train customers," the MTA responded to BoroPark24's request for more details regarding the work, sharing that is part of a bigger project to re-enforce the Culver line, which runs through Boro Park.

"This work requires the use of cranes," the MTA shared, "which necessitates street closures during operation for safety reasons."

"We expect this work to be completed by mid-February," the MTA concluded, explaining that the work will keep the tracks up to standard and in good repair and is not being done due to any extraordinary circumstances.

Until then, drivers should take into account that there will be continued street closures in the vicinity and should try to avoid the area from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Weekends should be fine in the areas as there is no work done then.

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