Governor Hochul Pledges Support for Yeshivos During Boro Park Visit

Governor Hochul Pledges Support for Yeshivos During Boro Park Visit

By: Boropark24 staff 

Governor Kathy Hochul visited Boro Park this afternoon, an important stop on her re-election campaign for the governorship of New York State. 

She stopped into a number of area establishments, accompanied by community leaders and activists, and culminated the tour with a sit down meeting at Bnos Zion Of Bobov Girls School. The meeting was attended by community leaders and school administrators.

Rabbi Yoel Rosenfeld introduced the governor, noting his own life story and the centrality and importance of a yeshiva education in his own life and in that of his children. 

In response, Governor Hochul hearkened back to her own roots, having grown up in a strongly religious family, explaining that she identifies with the concerns of our community and understands how important our education means to us. 

She pledged to continue her strong support of our community in the area of education as well as other issues that affect our communities’ life.

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