Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, Fights Blaming, Seeks Practical Solutions to Fight COVID-19

By Yehudit Garmaise

“This is not a moment to attack each other,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in a press conference this morning at the Boro Park Jewish Community Council, which is located at 1310 46th St. “This is not a moment to demonize each other. This is a moment, where we, as New Yorkers, must come together and not point fingers at any one group.”

“We need to change the narrative that COVID-19 is not a one-community issue, but it is a citywide issue that we are going to address together."

Adams reassured Boro Parkers that the city will not make the mistake of attacking any particular group in the city during this pandemic.

“We are going to make this a safe city for everyone,” said Adams, who mentioned that his elderly mother lives in South Jamaica, Queens. “We need to stay diligent in remaining socially distanced, getting tested, and wearing masks: not just for ourselves but for others in our lives and in our communities.”

"We all have parents, grandparents, family members, and children we want to protect. We will survive this together."

In order to “get back to some sense of normalcy,” Adams proposed several practical ideas for fighting back the recent COVID spike in Brooklyn.

First, Adams emphasized that different communities need different things to feel “a comfort level” in working with city officials.

For instance, Adams wants to help to determine a way to help communities, who cannot or do not wish to partner with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, to perhaps do their own testing under the supervision of the city and according to the city’s standards.

Funding is available for communities to take responsibility for their own COVID testing, said Adams, who  reiterated the consistent message to further encourage people to wear masks and stay socially distanced.

To that end, Adams wanted to make sure communities know that thousands of free masks are available and will be distributed by city health officials.

Because medical professionals have warned that in October and November, a potential COVID spike in  “may correspond to an increased flu virus,” Adams added that he wants to ensure that as many New Yorkers as possible get flu shots.

"We want to ensure that this coming flu season is the safest one in history," said Adams, who added further flu and COVID infections are completely preventable.

“Right now,” Adams said, “we need to find a place of productive communication. I really want to focus on the positive, which is the basis on which we will come together.”

Avi Greenstein, CEO of the Boro Park Jewish Community Council, walked the streets of Boro Park with Adams giving out masks and expressed his appreciation for the borough president's efforts.

“I would like to thank Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president,” said Greenstein.

“The fact that the Borough President Adams came to Boro Park today and spoke at the Boro Park JCC was greatly appreciated by the community. It was encouraging to hear a strong sense of collaboration during the visit.”

In response, Adams thanked the Boro Park Shomrim for their work helping people during COVID.

Photos by: Issac Y.

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