EDITORIAL: In Trying Times, We Need to Pray for Our Dedicated Boro Park Hatzalah Volunteers

EDITORIAL: In Trying Times, We Need to Pray for Our Dedicated Boro Park Hatzalah Volunteers

From the editor’s desk: Countless videos have emerged on social media showing the amount of calls coming over the Hatzalah radio of patients across all ages with difficulty breathing, one of the many symptoms of Coronavirus.

As a resident of New York City, which is now an epicenter of the virus, we need to take a moment to thank and pray for the tireless volunteers at the Hatzalah organization, along with other first responders that are putting their lives, and in extension the lives of their family members, at risk to help save another person.

It’s just weeks after the virus hit our community particularly hard, but that hasn’t stopped the hundreds of Hatzalah volunteers from running on calls to assist others in times of crisis. In fact there are now many, many members of the organization that are lying in bed with fever or other symptoms of the virus that they may have contracted after treating a patient that needed oxygen, or needed to be transported to an emergency room.

In just the past days we’ve heard the terrible news of the sudden passing of two volunteers, and many others that are hospitalized at the time of this writing and being treated themselves.

Every Shabbos we say the Mi Shebrach that mentions “all those that are occupied with community work in faithfulness,” this shabbos when you say it, have in mind those who went out of their way, knowing the risk they are taking, to treat a fellow Jew in times of need.

But you don’t need to wait for Shabbos, with many members currently affected by this virus, it is now time to take out a Tehilim and have them in mind in your prayers that they should all be able to continue their dedication to our community. Our prayers are now needed more than anything.

While most New Yorkers are staying locked in, there are those few who are out to save those in need of help. Let’s remember their dedication, and when you come across a first responder, thank them in person for their heroism.

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