Dinner Celebrating Massive New Talmud Torah Building Leaves Gerer Chassidim Inspired

Dinner Celebrating Massive New Talmud Torah Building Leaves Gerer Chassidim Inspired

In recent years, Talmud Torah Imrei Emes d’Chasidei Gur has invested incredible effort in acquiring an enormous new building to house the yeshiva—an endeavor that has finally come to fruition. This building is now undergoing the final stages of the renovation, and the talmidim are set to move in shortly.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, a dinner was held on Sunday evening—bringing together hundreds of Gerer chassidim who drank in the celebratory, and spiritually-charged atmosphere.

Representing the Gerer Rebbe shlit”a at this historic event were his special emissaries; his son Rav Shloime Tzvi Alter, shlit”a,  and his son in law, Rav Shimon Rothstein, shlit”a, who made the rounds to bring chizuk and warmth from Yerushalayim throughout their visit this past week, and in particular elevating the dinner through their presence, and by representing the Rebbe, shlit”a.

In his letter addressing this event, which was read aloud by his son Rav Shloime Tzvi, the Gerer Rebbe wrote with effusiveness and praise of those who have participated to bring this dream to reality—as well as heartfelt words of guidance in chinuch of the children .

In addition to emotional, inspiring addresses throughout the evening by various rabbonim and mechanchim within the chassidus, the evening featured numerous presentations that were particularly poignant.

As BoroPark24 has noted, the chassidus in America has lost a precious gem to the Miron tragedy, a product of the Gerer mosdos in Boro Park, Pinchos Menachem Knoblovitz, z”l, who was beloved by all those who knew him. The siyum upon the recently completed maseches Ta’anis by the “hachanah l’yeshiva” (8th grade aged boys) was dedicated to his memory—after which his father recited kaddish.

This event is just the latest in the glorious history of the Gerer chassidus’ rebuilding from the ashes of the Holocaust. WWII nearly wiped out the entire movement, which boasted tens of thousands of chassidim at the outbreak of the war. But with incredible mesirus nefesh, the Imrei Emes and his sons rebuilt the world of Ger that we see today.

Thus, a number of poignant audio-visual presentations took the participants on a journey through the years; from the years following the Churban, with just a handful of people, to various groundbreaking events of buildings in Eretz Yisroel and in America…one beautiful chain of a thriving world of Torah, avodah, and chassidus—the latest link of which was celebrated in a fitting manner, in the presence of hundreds of Gerer chassidim who were filled with pride and holy joy. 

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