De Blasio Booed in Extraordinary Censure at Floyd Memorial

De Blasio Booed in Extraordinary Censure at Floyd Memorial

New York - Bill de Blasio began his mayoral career with police turning their backs at him and is ending it at the opposite end of the political spectrum — with those protesting the police turning their backs on him.

Despite going to extraordinary lengths to show solidarity with anti-NYPD protesters who have filled New York City’s streets these past few days, the mayor was heckled and shouted down when he attempted to speak at a memorial for George Floyd. Floyd is a black man who died during an arrest attempt in Minneapolis last week.

Black groups arranged a memorial for Floyd at Cadman Plaza just off the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday.

“Turn your back! Turn your back!” some shouted. Many in the crowd did turn their backs. The booing was so loud that de Blasio was forced to end his speech shortly after he began, and then disappeared from the podium.

“Black lives matter in New York,” the mayor attempted to shout over his hecklers.

“Not to you!” one heckler shouted.

Protesters are upset that de Blasio refused to allow looters free reign in the city, imposing a curfew and allowing police to do their jobs at bringing back order.

Many others are furious ta the mayor for taking so long to unshackle police, allowing nearly unrestrained looting and vandalism for two nights earlier this week. An online petition calling for de Blasio’s impeachment has reached 116,000.

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