Cuomo Warns New Yorkers that Increased Travelling and Gathering Could Make a COVID Spike Imminent

Cuomo Warns New Yorkers that Increased Travelling and Gathering Could Make a COVID Spike Imminent

By Yehudit Garmaise

  The COVID positivity rates in New York in the coming months might reflect a terrible apocalypse, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said this morning at a press conference. No one knows for sure, but the governor warned, “This is a dangerous period. 

   "We have increased social activity between now and Jan. 1, more people are travelling, more families are gathering, and more students are coming home from college.” 

   What happens with COVID now will be determined by the “social behavior” that takes place in New York’s different communities in the coming weeks. 

   “Beware of your own activity in your own community,” warned Gov. Cuomo, who noted that New York state, which today had a COVID positivity rate of 2.87%, still ranks among the states with the lowest COVID positivity rates. 

   “New York is so safe [compared to] 46 states that are now above 3%,” said Gov. Cuomo, who added that the only states that have lower infection rates than New York are Vermont, Hawaii, and Maine. 

   Although the lower populations of rural areas were previously thought to present fewer opportunities for COVID transmission, Gov. Cuomo pointed out that that is now longer the case. For instance, Wyoming today showed a COVID positivity rate of 51%. Iowa is testing at 45% positivity, and South Dakota has a rate of 15.8%.” We won’t know the results of this “hyper-social time” in America, until Jan. 2 to 15, when most travelling and gathering will cease, Gov. Cuomo said.

   “High COVID positivity rates are bad for business, the hospital system will get overburdened, doctors and nurses are at risk, we could have possible shortages of equipment supplies, and most of all, people will die,” Gov. Cuomo warned. “It is just a mathematical equation."

(COVID-19) (Darren McGee- Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo)

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