Councilman Yeger Seeking to Run for NYS Assembly

Councilman Yeger Seeking to Run for NYS Assembly


Brooklyn Assembly Member Helene E. Weinstein, a Democrat who represents District 41, will step down at the end of her current term after nearly 44 years in office, she announced, and councilman Kalman Yeger is exploring the possibility of replacing her. 

Yeger is currently circulating petitions in order to be able to get on the ballot, Hamodia reported. 

This morning, the Assemblymember released a statement announcing her impending retirement, as well as her endorsement of Yeger as her replacement, saying, after close to 44 years serving the residents of the 41st Assembly District and the people of New York, I have decided to retire at the end of this term,” Weinstein wrote. First elected in 1980 to the seat formerly held by her father Murray Weinstein, Helene Weinstein went on to become the longest-serving woman in the history of the Assembly.

“After I decided to retire, I reached out and encouraged Kalman to run for Assembly,” Weinstein said. “I can think of no better successor than Kalman, someone I have known for years, a dedicated public servant.”

The assembly primary will be held this June, and, should Yeger win, a special-election would be held for a candidate to replace him in the City Council.

A possible candidate who would potentially run for Yeger’s vacated seat is R’ Shloimy Rieger, an aid to Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein. BoroPark24 reached out to Mr. Rieger for comment and he was quick to dispel any such notions, saying: “While it’s an honor to be mentioned as a possible candidate down the road, my only focus right now is to continue serving our local constituents at Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein’s office. At this time, I will not engage in hypotheticals, rather continue serving the community.” 

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