Councilman Yeger Replaces Fake News by Distributing 418,000 Masks

Councilman Yeger  Replaces Fake News by Distributing 418,000 Masks

By Yehudit Garmaise  

City Councilman Kalman Yeger doesn’t care about Fake News because he sees that mask compliance in Boro Park is high.

   “I know what I see in my own neighborhood, and I see that people are wearing masks,” said Councilman Yeger who serves Boro Park for the 44th District. “We are careful to wear masks, not just out of respect for the rules, but because we recognize our obligation to safeguard life.”

   Yesterday, Yeger helped to distribute 418,000 free masks to Boro Park residents in a Free Mask Distribution event at the Boro Park Jewish Community Council (BPJCC) that was organized in partnership with Agudath Israel of America and was reported today by the New York Times.

   Every single one of the masks was gone within hours,” Yeger said. “Within 90 minutes, we had given out 400,000 masks that were donated from someone in the community. I had also brought an additional 8,000 masks that I received from the city.”

   As Boro Parkers were lining up outside of the BPJCC, volunteers realized that they were quickly depleting their supply of 408,000 masks, so Yeger ran back to his office, where he had another 10,000 masks stored.

   “We distributed 418,000 masks in two hours,” said Yeger, who added that next week, he is going to help to give out even more masks at the BPJCC.

       “Anyone who still needs masks can contact my office or the BPJCC, and we will get them masks,” added Yeger, who said his constituents are happy to wear masks.

      “Boro Park is a wonderful neighborhood,” Yeger added. “These are incredible, good people, and they want to raise their families in healthy ways, they want to do the right things, play by rules, do what we are supposed to do, serve G-d the right ways, and they are happy to do it.”

   “Boro Parkers’ attitude is, ‘You want us to wear masks: no problem.’”

   “Whether or not people like wearing masks, whether or not people think wearing masks prevents either them or someone else from becoming ill, the fact is, at the very least, a mask is like chicken soup: it can’t hurt.”

     Avi Greenstein, BPJCC’s CEO felt gratified not only because he helped to provide masks to so many Yidden in the neighborhood, but also that the distribution of 418,000 free masks from within the community today made a very definite statement to New York City and the world.

    “Our community is taking our commitment to wearing masks seriously, explained Greenstein.  “People so appreciated receiving boxes of free masks, especially before Sukkos, when people will be in shul and participating in social gatherings. The fact that the masks came from within our community shows the extent to which we understand and take seriously the urgency to wear masks.”

  “Men, women, and children were were not just taking masks because they were some free giveaway,” Yeger said. “People were taking the masks because they were going to use them. If people are not going to use masks, why would they be taking them?”

  Yeger went on to say that he believes that over Yom Tov, the community will continue to work together to drive down the recent uptick of people testing positive for COVID.

   “Baruch Hashem,” Yeger said, “We should see our community being compliant and doing the right things to protect ourselves and to protect our families, our community, our children, and our grandparents.”

  “We don’t want to come to another situation, chas v’shalom, in which our shuls, yeshivas, and businesses have to close again because our numbers are ticking up.”

   In addition, Yeger pointed out that every medical expert, including our heimishe doctors and community leaders, are telling us to wear masks.

     “We have a negative commandment not to put a stumbling block before the blind and many positive commandments to guard our health, to care for others,” Yeger said, “to make a Kiddush Hashem, and to show Ahavas Yisroel. We can do all of these things by wearing masks.”

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