City Workers Remove Red-Tail Hawks’ Nest on 14th Ave

by Yehudit Garmaise

      This morning, city workers removed the nest that a red-tail hawk built for her clutch of eggs, which she brooded for weeks on a fire escape on the top floor of a building at 14th Avenue and 46th Street.

      The male and female red-tail hawks and their two chicks, born on April 19, however, have not yet flown their Boro Park coop.

     Boro Parkers should continue to follow the advice of many experts who have said to stay far away from the birds and stay careful not to do anything that would bother or threaten them in any way. 

     After children and/or other residents of the building might have come to close to the red-tail hawks, which, like all animals and humans, have fierce instincts to protect their young from harm, the female hawk, and the presumptive father of the chicks, who often proudly perched nearby, watching for danger, many times swooped down to take aim at anyone who appeared to threaten the vulnerable eggs.

     Taking aim at intruders “is the most aggressive form of anti-predator behavior” that birds use to drive away threatening to come too close to their nests, says, a bird advocacy and education group.

   "Leave the birds alone, and they will leave you alone," said Misaskim Founder Yanky Meyer, who last week was called on to problem-solve with the FDNY, which had received many complaints about the birds.  

    Although, the New York Times pointed out last week that “New Yorkers pay a premium to live untouched by nature,” the red-tail hawks are not unique to Boro Park, and for years have also been spotted soaring and nesting in other boroughs, as well.

     In fact, the city parks department counted 35 red-tailed hawk nests last year, though there may have been more, Sunny Corrao, an unofficial urban wildlife expert at the city parks department told the New York Times.

    One New Yorker who befriended a red-tail hawk on his fire escape in Harlem named his new neighbor, “Billy” and posted regular pictures of him on Instagram and Facebook.

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