Chai Urgent Care Becomes Rapid Testing Site For Coronavirus

Chai Urgent Care Becomes Rapid Testing Site For Coronavirus
With the coronavirus pandemic causing a level of anxiety among members of the community, Chai Urgent Care was declared an eligible testing site for the disease by New York City health department officials.
In order not to endanger regular patients, Chai Urgent Care said it will be conducting all testing at a tent located outside their clinics. No testing or suspected coronavirus cases will be in the building. The clinic itself will be sterilized and kept clean.
There is no appointment necessary for a test. Just walk into any Chai Urgent Care location and its professional staff will conduct the coronavirus test. 
Managers at the clinic said that for years, they have been rehearsing for the eventuality of a pandemic and have an ironclad plan in place. Staff members and providers have rigorously practiced it in order to be ready to safely serve patients as soon as needed. That plan kicked in as soon as it became apparent that the coronavirus was a life-threatening illness.
Some of the safety features the Chai Urgent Care clinic is undertaking include wiping down the building and disinfecting it before each shift. Environmental protection agents also roam the building throughout the day and give it a scrubbing every few hours.
Each shift begins with a 15-minute conference call, in which providers and staff members go through the latest information on the coronavirus outbreak and what is being done to protect Chai Urgent Care staffers and patients from its effects.
Each one of the clinic’s locations has a considerable supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes a sufficient quantity of hand sanitizers and all safety gear needed to protect staffers and patients.
Chai Urgent Care locations are open every day from 2 PM-Midnight!
Boro Park location:
3808 14th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Williamsburg location:
735 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Staten Island location:
1975 Hylan Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10306

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