Camp Bnos Will Close Early Following Two Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Camp Bnos, located in Liberty, has announced it has had two confirmed coronavirus cases, and will close a few days early.The camp said in a statement.... read more

PHOTOS AND AUDIO: Weekly Shiur Held at Beis Medresh Mesora in Woodridge

A weekly Shiur will be held every Sunday at 11:00 am for the remainder of the summer at Beis Medresh Mesora in Woodridge in the country.This week,.... read more

Visnitz Beis Shemesh Rebbe Motzei Shabbos in Woodridge

Visnitz Beis Shemesh Rebbe Motzei Shabbos in Woodridge.... read more

Fire at Camp Agudah Significantly Damages Two Buildings

“The Ranch” at Camp Agudah which houses many recreational activities including a game room was burned near to the ground last night in a large.... read more

Chernovitz Rebbe Learning in Country

Photos by: Avrumi Berger.... read more

Car Crashes into Ferndale Mobil Station, Driver Arrested

A drunk driver crashed into the Ferndale Mobil gas station store building Sunday afternoon near Liberty in the Catskills. The driver allegedly.... read more

Motorcyclist in Serious Condition After Slamming Into Vehicle

Monticello - A motorcyclist is in serious condition after he lost control and slammed into a car while driving Friday afternoon in Monticello.The car.... read more

Workers at Jewish Day Camp in Serious Condition After Drug Intake

Kiamesha - Three workers at a Jewish day camp are in serious condition after they overdosed on drugs while the children were away from the.... read more

Walmart Companies Require All Customers Wear Face Masks

To try and further prevent the spread of the coronavirus, many stores have been demanding shoppers wear face masks. Beginning Wednesday,.... read more

Hachnusas Seifer Torah in the Ichud Bungalow Colony in Monticello

Hachnusas Seifer Torah in the Ichud Bungalow Colony in Monticello.... read more

Four hospitalized in Liberty car crash

Liberty - At around 12:15PM Monday afternoon emergency responders and the Catskills Hatzolah were called to a motor vehicle accident on Twin Bridge.... read more

Experts Say This Years Tick Season May Get Bad

Its 2020 so you won’t be surprised when you hear about a new health issue you need to worry about.The CDC has reported an increase in tick-borne.... read more

Hachnusas Seifer Torah in Infinity Estates

Hachnusas Seifer Torah in Infinity Estates.... read more

Two brothers and a 15 year old sister found in Neversink Gorge Hiking Trail after being lost for hours

Three Jewish siblings, two brothers and a 15-year-old sister, were lost last night in the woods.At 5:00pm they started a hike at the Neversink Gorge.... read more

Some Upstate Hospitals Reinstate Visitation with Strict Guidlines

 Catskills Hatzalah has announced that the emergency room at both the Harris hospital and Ellenville hospital are reinstating visitation.... read more

Judge Defers Decision on Camps

A federal judge deferred a decision on whether to impose a temporary restraining order on Governor Cuomo's decision to ban sleepaway camps this.... read more