Wedding in Courts of Brod, Narol and Faltishan

Photos by: Avrumi Berger.... read more

" The Sale Corner"

" The Sale Corner" .... read more

Paradise Fruits closes its doors after 20 years

After twenty years of providing a top-quality selection of fruits and vegetables Paradise Fruits, located on 13th avenue and 47th street, is sadly no.... read more

Maimonides Will Remove Tents From Street

As the coronavirus pandemic raged through the streets of Boro Park and up the halls of Maimonides hospital, executives at the healthcare institution.... read more

Top de Blasio Communications Officials Depart

The two top ranking communications officials in Bill de Blasio’s administration are moving on per tweets from the pair and a press release from the.... read more

$88.1 billion NYC budget passed amidst economic crisis

Wednesday after midnight, The New York City Council passed the city’s annual $88.1 billion budget, reduced from the more ambitious $95.3 billion.... read more

Thief Steals Expensive Bike in Broad Daylight

Surveillance footage shows a thief stealing a bike early Wednesday morning from storage room of Shloimy’s bakery on 11th Ave and 51st St. A police.... read more

Rabonim of Debretzin, Brezna and Raved Bes Din Avnei Sahyesh Cutting Wheat for Matzos in Delaware

Rabonim of Debretzin, Brezna and Raved Bes Din Avnei Sahyesh Cutting Wheat for Matzos in Delaware.... read more

City to Increase Traffic Enforcement Revenue While Defunding Police

As city government officials moved to adjust the city budget to the demands of Black Lives Matters protestors, nearly one billion dollars were.... read more

NYC Delays Indoor Dining Amid Rise Of Coronavirus Cases Across The Country

New York City enters Phase 3 on Monday, July 6th, but will not move forward with indoor dining. “Indoors is the problem,” NYC Mayor Bill de.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Unique Sterling

Silver is the Yid’s metal, apparently. Who doesn’t have a silver menorah, silver ke’arah, silver esrog pushka, silver atara and silver snuff.... read more

Two brothers and a 15 year old sister found in Neversink Gorge Hiking Trail after being lost for hours

Three Jewish siblings, two brothers and a 15-year-old sister, were lost last night in the woods.At 5:00pm they started a hike at the Neversink Gorge.... read more

Scam Awareness Event.

Last night, the Boro Park JCC in partnership with Shomrim and the JCRC held a safety awareness event focused on scams. The webinar took place over.... read more

Tenoyim for Granddaughter of the Bobov-45 Rebbe

Photos by: Avrumi Berger .... read more

Some Upstate Hospitals Reinstate Visitation with Strict Guidlines

 Catskills Hatzalah has announced that the emergency room at both the Harris hospital and Ellenville hospital are reinstating visitation.... read more

Sullivan County Asks That Everyone should Wear Masks

Sullivan County has released a statement on Tuesday, June 30th, advising everyone to adhere to the safety guidelines pertaining to.... read more

Cuomo doubles number under travel advisory

Many cities across America have seen an uptick in coronavirus cases. New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have all doubled the number of states.... read more

Judge Defers Decision on Camps

A federal judge deferred a decision on whether to impose a temporary restraining order on Governor Cuomo's decision to ban sleepaway camps this.... read more