Levayah of the Sanz Rebbe Zt"l

A great cloud of sorrow was felt Motza Shabbos when Klal Yisroel heard the bitter news of the petira of the Sanzer Rebbe Zatzal in Boro Park at the.... read more

July 4 Weekend of Violence.

The July 4th weekend tradition of violence in New York City continued this year.With upwards of forty shootings citywide and at least two people.... read more

King David Center for Nursing and Rehab draws thousands to their welcome summer event!

The air was vibrating with the sound of celebrating children.To see children gathered around, singing in unity, after months of lockdown, was truly.... read more

NYC Clears Final Hurdle to Enter Phase 3 on Monday, Indoor Dining Postponed

New York - New York City was cleared to enter Phase 3 of reopening on Monday, though the allowance of indoor dining will be postponed, Gov. Andrew.... read more

Bris in courts of Skulen, Visnitz, Faltishan and Cherkas

Photos by: Avrumi Berger.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Weber’s Grocery Store

Very few things are constant in our lives especially these days. It’s comforting to know that Weber’s grocery, that is around for 40 years is.... read more

Parking Meter Rates Will Go Up Again.

The City of New York is expecting to reap an extra $12.9 million from charges at parking meters staring next July. As part of the City of New York.... read more

Photo Gallery: Sanz Rebbe Zt"l

Photo Gallery: Sanz Rebbe Zt"l.... read more

Has the Coronavirus Had a Major Impact on the Boro Park Real Estate Market?

With the enduring impact of the COVID-19 pandemic weighing heavily on people’s pockets, the effects are seemingly readily apparent as one walks.... read more

Child Found After Missing for Two Hours on Shabbos afternoon in Monticello

A two-year-old girl that went missing for nearly 2 hours on Shabbos afternoon was found with the help of Shomrim  and Hatzolah The child.... read more

BDE: The Sanz Rebbe Zt”l

Boro Park - We are saddened to inform the petira of the Sanz Rebbe, Rabbi Naftuli Halberstam Zt”l one of the oldest rebbes.The rebbe, who was.... read more

BDE: Long Time Hatzolah volunteer, Reb Shlomo Adler Z”L

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Reb Shlomo Adler Z”L. Reb Shlomo z”l lived in Boro Park, he was a chashava, prestige,.... read more


There are only three days left to BoroPark24’s MASSIVE FREE GIVEAWAY!There are FOUR MAJOR PRIZES up for grabs which YOU CAN WIN.Prizes include gift.... read more

School Playgrounds Reopen in NYC for First Time in Three Months

New York - The public school yards that have doubled as neighborhood playgrounds in recent years have reopened for the first time in nearly four.... read more

Satmar Rebbe Visits Yeshivas Birchas Dovid in Boro Park

Photos by: Avrumi Berger .... read more

NYC Schools Set to Reopen on Schedule

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed on Thursday that NYC schools are on track to reopen in September.De Blasio said 75% of city parents are hoping.... read more

Alternate side Parking Will be Suspended Through July 12th

This morning, Thursday, July 2nd, Mayor Bill de Blasio suspended alternate side parking in NYC starting Sunday, July 5th through Sunday, July.... read more

Boro Park Snapshot: Hatzlocha Cleaners

Boro Park sways with the Jewish calendar. Weeks before Pesach hardware stores are all the rage. You know Sukkos is somewhat close when lumberyards.... read more