Catch & Co Offers Cutting-Edge Array of Prepared Fish and Appetizing

Catch & Co Offers Cutting-Edge Array of Prepared Fish and Appetizing

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Newly-launched Catch & Co is making waves in the culinary world, offering a dizzying array of cured and smoked fish, herrings, dips, and so many other water-caught delicacies. All of their offerings are developed and prepared fresh by Catch & Co’s team of chefs and culinary experts. 

Newly-opened adjoining the famed Tuv Taam Fish at 4809 New Utrecht Avenue, Catch & Co is a brand-new establishment offering salads, sandwiches, sushi, appetizing, hot dishes, platters, fish boards, herrings of all types, and catering. 

The store has been under construction since last spring, with a soft opening this past fall. “Since we opened our kitchen, we have been testing our sushi line, cured fish, and other offerings with a whole team, ensuring that they meet the highest levels of taste and flavor and quality,” says Bentzy Miller, proprietor of Catch & Co. “Every product went through multiple revisions until we were satisfied,” he said. 

The establishment offers the largest selection of cured fish in Brooklyn, and will only use the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Their display is lined with numerous dips, salads, and boards—especially as Shabbos approaches, helping Boro Park residents bring the flavor and the joy of Shabbos into their homes.  

Catch & Co offers free delivery anywhere in Boro Park for orders over $15, and they deliver to many other areas as well, and customers can combine any of the appetizing items together with their fresh fish order at Tuv Taam for free delivery. 

“Everything you will see and taste at Catch & Co has been made fresh, in-house, from scratch,” Bentzy says. “Try some of our delectable items today. Your palate will thank you.” 

Call, Text, or WhatsApp 718-438-8704

Website (launching soon):

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