Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams Announces his Candidacy for New York City Mayor

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Meet Eric Adams: The candidate for New York City mayor who really “gets it.”

Eric Adams began his career as a policeman in 1984, and retired as a captain 22 years later. He was elected to the New York Senate in 2006, where his main focus was on the civil rights of all his constituents. And in 2013, Adams became the very first African-American to be elected Brooklyn Borough President, and is currently serving his second term in this capacity. 

Who is Eric Adams? What defines his outlook? There’s a steady confidence lacing all his activism efforts. His calm, authoritative leadership style. His down-to-earth blue-collar background. His hands-on experience, having literally started from the ground up.

If there’s one consistent theme running through his storied career in public service, it’s his concern for the average American citizen. The focus on increasing communication between parties - be it neighborhood residents and the civil servants who police them, or local and state lawmakers and their constituents. The belief in unifying, coming together with a shared vision of a better tomorrow and a brighter future for all.

Eric Adams also strongly believes in the power of education to shape and build the future of our youth. With statistics showing that 40% of incarcerations are due to a lack of education, more emphasis on real-life learning and its applications needs to be a priority. And mandating hours and setting curriculum without forethought, without taking all residents’ needs into account, is not the path forward. “The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are so crucial to their future education,” says Eric simply. His goal is to put each child on the path to success and help them stay there, with education that meets their specific requirements and community standards.

What’s hopeful about Eric Adams’ candidacy is his outlook on who’s to blame for the current state of affairs in New York City today. And refreshingly enough, he doesn’t think it’s New York City residents.

“You’re paying your taxes, you’re doing your fair share,” he states emphatically. “Don’t make peace with the dysfunction!” It’s up to the government to ensure public safety, bolster the economy, and keep the city running smoothly - even in times of crisis. His willingness to assume the responsibilities of the job strike a welcome contrast to the “blame-everyone-but-me” attitude that is all too prevalent these days.

This down-in-the-trenches, regular citizen just-like-you background stands out in an era characterized by self-aggrandizement and empty promises. If there’s one phrase that sums up Eric Adams perfectly it’s this: “I get it.” Because it takes a born-and-bred New Yorker who’s been one with the people for all his life to really and truly understand the needs of New York City residents.

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