Bobover Yeshiva in Bat Yam Sending Home All Bochurim

Bobover Yeshiva in Bat Yam Sending Home All Bochurim

Boro Park – A yeshiva with nearly 200 American bochurim is sending home all of them the night after Purim amid rumors that the United States might subject any incoming fliers to a 14-day quarantine.

The Bobover yeshiva in Bat Yam, which has 180 American bochurim, including the son of the rebbe, is ending the zman on Tuesday, with flights home that night. They cited the aggressive reaction Israel has taken to the spread of coronavirus and fears the United States will follow.

“Due to the situation going on in the world, in which many countries closed their borders to visitors from Israel,” the yeshiva wrote in an email to parents, “the hanhala of the yeshiva has decided to bring the bochurim immediately. This will prevent aggravation once this country does the same.”

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