Bobover Rebbe Promises $5,000 for Shadchan of Older Single

Bobover Rebbe Promises $5,000 for Shadchan of Older Single

Boro Park - The rules are simple: Suggest a shidduch for an older boy or girl in the Bobover kehilla, and if it works out the shadchan receives $5,000, more if they are older.

The Bobover Rebbe announced the innovative fund at his Shushan Purim tish on Sunday. He is tackling a painful topic in many communities, that of older singles. There are estimated to be hundreds of boys and girls in Bobov over 21. 

The bochur or girl must be over 21 for the shadchan to be eligible for the bonus. And for every additional year they are aged, the shadchan gets an additional $1,000.

The shadchan will receive the money the day the shidduch is completed, the rebbe said. This bonus is on top of the shadchan's regular fee from parents.

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