Blue Melody 2020 Vision featuring Eli Marcus and Moshe Tischler

Blue Melody 2020 – a new vision, new sound, next level energy and class. Featuring the gorgeous voices and boundless energy of two of the industry’s biggest stars, Eli Marcus and Moshe Tischler, the Blue Crew takes us to the future of Jewish Music as well as a nod to an earlier classic. This four-song medley features: 1)Chelek Sheli (Marcus) 2)Kol Hamelamed (Shmueli Ungar) 3)Usid (MBD) 4)Ki L’olam (Tischler) Staging, lighting, sound and venue all Provided by Halo Productions. Lighting design in lockstep with Blue’s tight arrangements are a cut above anything you’ve seen until now. We invite you to sit back, crank up your speakers, and experience the sounds and sights of Blue Melody 2020. Coming to a simcha near you! -Ari Blue Melody Group is: Ari Boiangiu - Guitar Jason Teborek – Keyboard Mitch Friedman - Bass Tzvi Plaut - Drums Pesach Nestlebaum - Violin BONUS! Download an audio link here: Filmed and recorded at: Halo Productions Showcase Music by: Blue Melody Sound, Staging, and Lighting by: Halo Productions Video Credits: Arranged and produced by: Blue Melody, I & ME Media Associate Producer: Chad Kaminetzky Video shot by: Motty Engel Edited, mixed and mastered by: V-Gold Beat Production Video edited by: Studio 62 (Leiby Weider)

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