BDE: Reb Yisroel Leib Shtul, Z"L

BDE: Reb Yisroel Leib Shtul,  Z"L

   We are saddened to inform the community of the petira of Reb Yisroel Leib Shtul, Z"L, who passed away on Tuesday evening. He was 73-years-old.

     Reb Yisroel Leib was a Talmud Mivhak of the Kloizenberger Rebbe Shlit”a, always Davening with the Rebbe’s Minyan and constantly attending the Tishen in the Chasidus.

Reb Yisroel Leib a”h, who owned Keyspan Mechanical, a plumbing company, was a big Baal Tzedaka, someone who was always available to help another Yid and always with a smile.

He is survived by his wife Yblc”h and children.

His Levaya will take place on Wednesday morning at 9:00am at the Kloizenberg Shul on 50th Street.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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