BDE: Reb Moshe Berkowitz z"l

BDE: Reb Moshe Berkowitz z"l

Boro Park - We are saddened to inform of the petira of Reb Moshe Berkowitz z"l, a renowned Boro Park philanthropist and a link in the dwindling chain of those who remembered the prewar sainted Chakal Yitzchok of Spinka Hy"d. He was 98.

Reb Moshe came to the United States after surviving the Holocaust and joined in the rebuilding of the Spinka kehilla. He was successful in business and was a popular address for fundraisers, distributing much tzedaka over his lifetime.

Reb Moshe was hospitalized on Erev Yom Tov. He was niftar on Friday.

He is survived by two sons.

Kevura was in the Chakal Yitzchok Spinka chelka in Deans, New Jersey.

Yehi zichro boruch.

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