BDE: Rav Shulem Oberlander, Z”L

BDE: Rav Shulem Oberlander, Z”L

     We are saddened to inform the community of the petira of Rav Shulem Oberlander, Z”L, who was 73.

     Rav Oberlander was one of the three sons of Zelig Oberlander, a”h, who after surviving the Holocaust at age 36, opened Oberlander Bakery on Bedford Ave. and South 8th in Williamsburg, after having a hard time finding both a kosher bakery and a job that did not require him to work on Shabbos.

   After a fire destroyed the first Oberlander bakery, Mr. Zelig Oberlander relocated to 130 Grand St. in Williamsburg, and over time, Oberlander’s bakery sold only kosher l’Pesach baked goods.

   Oberlander Bakery is now run by Mr. Zelig Oberlander’s grandchildren.

     Rav Oberlander’s levaya will take place tonight at 11:30pm at the Karlsburg Shul, which is located at 1556 53rd St., and his kvura will take place in Kiryas Joel.

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