BDE: Rav Burich Tessler Z”L from Kloizenberg

BDE: Rav Burich Tessler Z”L from Kloizenberg

Burich Dayan Huemes; we regret to inform you of the passing of Reb Burich Tessler A”h of Boro Park, a dedicated Kloizenberger Chusid and big Baal Tzedaka.

Reb Burich A”h was a close Chusid to the previous Kloizenberger Rebbe Ztz”l and Yblc”h the current Rebbe Shlit”a. 

He was a very big Baal Tzedaka, including building the Mikva Tahara on 18th Avenue and 50th Street.

His Levaya will take place on Sunday 12:00pm at the Kloizenberg Bhm”d in Boro Park and he will be taken to Israel for burial.

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