BDE: Mrs Malka Charna Mendlowitz A"H

BDE: Mrs Malka Charna Mendlowitz A"H

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Malka Charna Mendlowitz at the age of 56.

Over many years, Mrs. Mendlowitz pursued a career in education including as principal of the Satmar girl's high school in Boro Park for the last five years and before that as principal in the Belz high school.

Mrs. Mendlowitz was the wife of Reb Chaim Luzer and the daughter of HaRav Chaim Leib Katz - the Serdaheli Rov.

The levaya will be at 11:00 AM in the Serdaheli beis medresh (15th Avenue and 44th Street).

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