BDE: Harav Cheskel Shraga Vagshal Z”l.

BDE: Harav Cheskel Shraga Vagshal Z”l.

We are saddened to inform of the passing of Harav Chaskel Shraga Vagshal, a holocaust survivor and dedicated Chadidishe Yid, who passed at the age of 95-years-old.

Harav Chaskel, originally from Lanzut, spent time during the war years in Sibiu along with the previous Pshevosker Rebbe from Antwerp. After the war he married his wife and built a beautiful family in New York.

As a devoted Chasidishe Yid, he was close to many of the Gedolim in New York, including the previous Satmar and Stitchin Rebbe’s, and Yblc”h the Rachmastrivk Rebbe Shlit”a, he was a Koloshitz Chusid and Talmid of the Rebbe as well. As a Mispalel in Belz, and one of the most elderly ones, he was treated with deep respect.

He used to own a retail appliance store in Boro Park, from which income he provided for his family and dedicated many hours a day for Limud Hatorah.

Yehi Zichro Burich.

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