AT&T Massive Data Breach Leaks Private Info of 73M Customers Onto Dark Web

AT&T Massive Data Breach Leaks Private Info of 73M Customers Onto Dark Web

by M.C. Millman

AT&T reported a massive data leak affecting approximately 73 million AT&T customers.

AT&T stated yesterday that they recently discovered that the dark web contains information, including social security numbers, for about 7.6 million current AT&T account holders and 65.4 million former account holders.

"It has come to our attention that a number of AT&T passcodes have been compromised," AT&T states. "We are reaching out to all 7.6M impacted customers and have reset their passcodes. In addition, we will be communicating with current and former account holders with compromised sensitive personal information. To the best of our knowledge, the compromised data appears to be from 2019 or earlier and does not contain personal financial information or call history. We encourage customers to remain vigilant by monitoring account activity and credit reports. You can set up free fraud alerts from nationwide credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You can also request and review your free credit report at any time via"

This massive leak follows AT&T's service outage in February, impacting over 70,000 customers, as reported by BoroPark24 here

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