A Woman, nearly Scammed by Con Artist, was Saved by Shomrim

A Woman, nearly Scammed by Con Artist, was Saved by Shomrim

The woman received a phone call from a swindler with a fabricated story claiming that her sister was in a major accident and is in desperate need of a large sum of money. 

A crying female voice was heard through the line but the caller refused to hand the phone to the conned victim.  

Lost in the thick of the situation, the woman called her family and then exchanged information with the scammer.

Thankfully the woman’s family recognized it was a fraud and proceeded to call Shomrim.

Shomrim members showed up in the nick of time and prevented the money transaction from taking place. 

It is important to spread the awareness of these scammers in our community so that we can be vigilant not to give out any information to unknown numbers and stay protected against them.

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