‘The Loft’ Opens Drive-thru Orders for Shavuos

‘The Loft’ Opens Drive-thru Orders for Shavuos

Boro Park - A 13th Avenue eatery is opening a specialized method of ordering Shavuos menus, which can either be picked up or delivered.

The Loft Steakhouse, located on 1306 40th Street, is offering platters of beef, ranging from $230 for sliced prime brisket to and $250 for baby lamb chops to baby chicken with a variety of marinates for $110.

Also available is pareve hazelnut cheesecake.

Orders can be called, WhatsApped or emailed in and will be delivered or available for pickup on Wednesday between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Check out their full menu: bit.ly/36ghz6I

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