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New York City’s Elections are Today! Get Out and Vote!

7 Nov 2017 8:00 AM

It doesn’t matter who you vote for in today’s citywide election, the main thing is that you show up and make your voice heard.

An elected official’s willingness to help with community issues is directly affected by the voter turnout in an area. Politicians will be more responsive to a community where there was a higher voter turnout.

These elections will impact our everyday lives more than any other, including the presidential and midterm elections. The councilmembers, mayor, and other elected officials will make decisions about policing, tickets, security, crime, sanitation and more.

This year, voters will be able to vote on three referendum questions on the back of the ballot. Do some research to ensure you will be making an educated decision at the polls. The first question asks citizens to vote on whether there should be a constitutional convention to overhaul the state constitution. The public is asked this question every twenty years. If it is voted in, the convention would take place in 2019.

The second referendum would amend the constitution to allow judges to revoke or modify public employees pensions if they are convicted of a felony related to their work. It will not affect the pensions of already convicted public employees.

The third referendum would allow for limited development in the protected Adirondacks and Catskills mountains.

Here are the races that are taking place:

Bill de Blasio (Incumbent)
Sal Albanese
Bo Dietl
Mike Tolkin
Nicole Malliotakis
Akeem Browder
Aaron A. Commey

Public Advocate
Letitia James (Incumbent)
Devin Balkind
Juan Carlos Polanco
Michael A. O’Reilly
James C. Lane

Scott M. Stringer (Incumbent)
Michel J. Faulkner
Julia Willebrand
Alex Merced

Borough President
Eric L. Adams (Incumbent)
Vito J. Bruno
Ben Kissel

City Council
District 33
Stephen T. Levin (Incumbent)
Victoria E. Cambranes

District 35
Laurie Cumbo (Incumbent)
Christine Parker
Jabari Brisport

District 37
Rafael L. Espinal (Incumbent)
Persephone S.J. Smith

District 38
Carlos Menchaca (Incumbent)
Carmen V. Hulbert
Delvis Valdes
Allan E. Romaguera

District 40
Mathieu Eugene (Incumbent)
Brian-Christopher A. Cunningham
Brian W. Kelley

District 41
Alicka Ampry-Samuel
Christopher O. Carew
Berneda W. Jackson

District 42
Inez D. Barron (Incumbent)
Mawuli K. Hormeku
Ernest Johnson

District 43
Justin Brannan
John F. Quaglione
Robert P. Capano
Angel Medina

District 44
Yoni Hikind
Harold Tischler
Kalman Yeger

District 45
Jumaane D. Williams (Incumbent)
Anthony Beckford

District 46
Alan Maisel (Incumbent)
Jeffery J. Ferretti

District 47
Mark Treyger (Incumbent)
Raimondo Denaro

District 48
Chaim M. Deutsch
Steven Saperstein

Find your polling site at nyc.pollsitelocator.com


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  1. Statement from City Council Candidate Anthony Beckford

    Re: Post 2017 NYC Election – Election Results

    I want to thank my volunteers who came out to keep the message going. I want to thank the 613 Voters who eyes I opened and who have seen the work I have done in the community and will continue to do in the community. I want to thank the groups, organizations and Candidates who have endorsed me; Afrikans helping Afrikans, Black Lives Caucus, Bronx Community Greens,
    Concerned Citizens of Flatbush Gardens, Nicholas Heyward Jr Foundation, Stop REBNY Bullies and Manhattan DA Candidate Marc Fliedner.

    613 is a significant number. 613 is a good number. 613 people believed in my message and believe in me enough for me to lead them in the fight against developers, gentrification, police brutality, school to prison pipeline. 613 people were awakened and knew that I have been and still continue to fight to protect their immigration, lgbtq, women’s, tenant and labor rights.

    I am Humbled and Honored in their faith in me.

    I received 613 votes and my opponent Jumaane Williams, received 20,347 votes.
    There are actually 141,000 registered voters in District 45.

    That means less than 10% of the people in District 45 voted yesterday. A total of 120,040 people did not or could not vote.

    In 2009, Jumaane Williams ran unopposed in the general election and received 16,000 votes. In 2013, he ran unopposed again and received only 19,000 votes out of 141,000 registered voters.

    Now let’s break this down. I was able to receive 613 votes with only $1,500 in donations, No Media Coverage of my Campaign, No Political Party Backing, No Major Endorsements, Only 7 to 10 part time non-paid volunteers.

    I was able to receive 613 votes despite my name being obscured on many ballots, the ballot machines not accepting the votes of many of those who were trying to vote for me, poll workers telling people to Vote only in the left side of the ballot, various organizations not publishing my Voters Guide due to their allegiance to Jumaane Williams, a Community Board Employed by Jumaane Williams and run by a Real Estate Broker that he out into place keeping his dealings with the developers away from the view of the members, Mayor De’Blasio promoting Jumaane on Election Day, Jumaane Williams outspending me 300 to 1, Jumaane’s massive media coverage, Jumaane’s special interest and big money endorsements, Jumaane’s paid volunteers violating the 100 feet mandated distance rule for polling locations, Jumaane’s ability to send out mailers to hundreds of thousands of homes twice throughout the election, Jumaane receiving support from various elected officials and so forth.

    Did I lose? No, Not at all.

    This was my first ever political race and I won the hearts of 613 people and will continue to re-educate the remaining people in the District who voted for my opponent and those who chose to not vote at all. I am a Revolutionary Soldier and I will continue this fight. I will re-educate the conditioned and still hold accountable all the corrupt, the oppressive, the complacent, the greedy and the opportunists.

    I was able to meet some great people who came from near and far to volunteer for me while many politicians had to pay for loyalty. I was able to expose so much which had people finally asking questions. Was able to cause an incumbent to run Everytime I stepped into a building. And had Jumaane Williams scared to debate me. He even sent a childhood friend of mine to spy on my moves. I was always winning for the people.

    Even Assemblyman Charles Barron told me told me a few weeks ago, “Even if you don’t get in, keep running until you do. The people need people like us to fight for them”.

    I know Jumaane’s secrets and I will keep on holding him accountable for the people. I will continue being the voice of the silenced. This is nowhere near over.

    Now Stay Tuned For My Next Move.

    #NYCVotes #ElectionDay #ElectionDay2017


    Additional Note:

    Countless Men, Women and Children have been made homeless during Jumaane’s tenure. That’s not a good legacy under a supposed “Advocate for Affordable housing”.

    Jumaane screams for police accountability but yet he voted to add up to 2,000 more officers to the NYPD and their budget has been raised to $5.2 billion while our communities continue to lose resources and the NYPD continue to murder innocent Black and Brown Men, Women and Children, such as they did to Akai Gurley, Delrawn Smalls, Shantel Davis, Kimani Gray, Eric Garner, Dwayne Juene and others.

    He claims to advocate against gun violence but yet there were 8 shootings in one week recently in his district. Matter of fact, if we want to rid the district of gun violence then we need to rid it of the conditions that produce gun violence such as poverty, resources, etc. In which, he has not battled at all.

    So the actor that became a politician will be held accountable by the advocate for the people.

    Also, ask DC 37 and all the major unions why they decided without second thought to not endorse him or even acknowledge District 45 this election season.

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