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Maimonides Gourmet Dinner for Men

1 Aug 2018 10:20 AM

Maimonides is inviting you to join them for a Men’s Gourmet Dinner Free Of Charge! The event is designed to educate our community about risk factors, warning signs and prevention of different diseases and medical emergencies. There will be a delicious gourmet dinner served, and open Q&A session with the doctors on panel, and a free gift for all participants! the Men’s Health Symposium is being sponsored by Maimonides Medical center as a service to the community, free of charge. The Dinner will be taking place on Tuesday, August 7th, from 7-9pm at Ateres Golda, 1362 50th St.

A little education can go a long way in saving a life and making important lifestyle changes. Come to the event and learn what steps you can take today for a healthier life! Venishmartem Meod Lenafshoseichem. Hope to see you there!

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