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L’ag Baomer fire locations Around Town

22 May 2019 12:51 PM

Please Note: We will update the list as details become available to us. If you have any details about any fires please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Bais Yitzchok Skolya

13 -14th Ave & 48 St

Thursday, Lag bomer fire will begin

at 6:00pm.

Stolin 16th  Ave between 46th & 47th Streets. Oil Pouring from 8:30 till 10:30, followed by Hadlukah

Kavunas Halev 43rd Street bet 16 & 17

Nikelsburg 16th Ave bet 49 & 50th St. Hadlukah – 10:00

Dezsh 57th St corner of 16th Ave

Beis Medrash Bucharest – 5023 – 9th Ave 

Thursday evening, 7:00 Mincha followed by Hadlukah

Meor Hatfilah 20th Ave bet 59th & 60th

Chernobil 41st St bet 12th & 13th Ave. Hadlukah at 9:30

Beled 50th St bet 11th & 12th Ave

Boyan 14th Ave bet 44 & 45th St

Slonim 46th St bet 13th & 14th Ave

Belz 13th Ave bet 43rd & 44th St

Minsk 44th St bet 10th Ave & New Utrecht

Lezensk – 14th Ave bet 59th & 60th St

Beir Mayim – 40th St bet 16th Ave & Dahill Road

Lelev –  17th Ave bet 48m & 49th St

Yeshiva Stree 54th St bet 11th & 12th Ave

Lelev- 50th –  Street 50th St bet 18th & 19th Ave

Khal Dzlkev Viznlts – 48th St bet 12th & 13th Ave

Yagdil Torah D’Gur – 52nd St bet 17th &18m Ave

Bobover Yeshiva Bnei Zion –  38th St bet 12th Ave & Ft Hamilton

Semihai –  21st Ave bet 58th & 59th St

Yeshias Moishe Viznits –  47th St bet 14th & 15th Ave

Viznits –  51st St bet New Utrecht &13th Ave

Rakoavits – 40th St bet New Utrecht Ave & Ft. Hamilton

Alesk – Aye F bet East 2nd & East 3rd

Dezsh –  41 St bet 14th & 15th Ave

Krasne –  44th Street bet 15 & 17

Heichel Hatfilah – Rav Eisenberger –  57st St & 16th Ave.  Mariv 9:00, followed by Hadlukah



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