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End of Teen Smoking: Cuomo Signs Law Raising Age From 18 to 21

16 Jul 2019 4:49 PM

Albany – The legal age to smoke in New York state will go up from 18 to 21 in four months after Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation today to raise the minimum sales age for tobacco and electronic cigarette products.
The legislation, which was passed by the legislature last month, goes into effect on Nov. 13. It will put an end to legal teenage smoking in the state for the first time.
By raising the smoking age, Cuomo said, “we can stop cigarettes and e-cigarettes from getting into the hands of young people in the first place and prevent an entire generation of New Yorkers from forming costly and potentially deadly addictions.”
New York is currently considered the 10th healthiest state in the nation. Tobacco use continues to be the number one cause of preventable death in the state, with about 28,000 adults dying every year as a result of smoking.
The law includes e-cigarettes after reports showed that since 2014, youth use of e-cigarettes increased by 160 percent, from 11 percent to 27 percent. The report found that more than half of teens falsely believe that e-cigarette use is harmless.

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