Cuomo Meets Trump: Prez Agrees to Review Trusted Travelers Decision

Cuomo Meets Trump: Prez Agrees to Review Trusted Travelers Decision

Washington – Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with President Trump at the White House on Thursday afternoon and emerged saying that the president has agreed to review his decision ending New Yorkers’ ability to participate in trusted travelers programs.

Dani Lever, Cuomo’s spokeswoman, said that Cuomo caved on his initial statement refusing to allow federal immigration agencies access to Department of Motor Vehicles records.

“As the governor previously said,” Lever stated, “we believe (the department of Homeland Security’s) action was politically motivated and unwarranted as the FBI already has information regarding criminal records and TTP applicants already go through an extensive federal background check.”
She added that “the president said that this is an issue he wants to work on and that he would follow up with the governor next week.”

Cuomo last year signed the Green Light legislation into law, allowing illegal immigrants to apply for a driver’s license and assuring them that federal immigration agencies will not have access to the records.

Last week, the Department of Justice responded, removing anyone with a New York license from all programs that allow travelers to breeze through security at airports. It said it must have confidence that when someone presents a driver’s license is not a security threat.

Republicans have accused Cuomo of putting New York state residents at a disadvantage when it comes to these programs in order to further his credibility among progressive Democrats.

Photo by: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo office.

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