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Congressman Jerry Nadler Visits Munkatcher Rebbe Shlita

16 Aug 2019 11:44 AM

Representative Jerry Nadler visited the home of the revered Munkatcher Rebbe Shlita where he was warmly welcomed by the Rebbe. The meeting served as opportunity to discuss various issues personally important to the Rebbe and to the community at large regarding criminal justice reform as it relates to the recently enacted First Step Act. The Congressman was accompanied by Ezra Friedlander, CEO of The Friedlander Group.

Attending the meeting were important community leaders including: Rabbi Moshe Margaretten  of Tzedek Association who was the driving force behind the efforts to ensure passage of the First Step Act, Rabbi Weiss of Aleph Institute, prominent Torah and chesed philanthropist  Reb Avrohom Pinchas Berkowitz, community activist Rabbi Chesky Blau, Rabbi Efraim Fink of Bnos Chaya School for Girls, Tzedek activists Reb Binyumin Kramer, Reb Anchi Berko. 

During the meeting the Rebbe Shlita reminisced and reminded Congressman Nadler of their relationship going back decades praising the Congressman for his “friendship to the community and always willing to listen and be of help wherever possible to our concerns” 

Photos by: Lenchevsky Images

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