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AJCO Camp Expo Today!

15 Mar 2018 4:34 PM

The AJCO is a one-day expo and conference, dedicated to developing new opportunities in the Jewish Camp and Day Camp Markets. Anyone who has anything to do with summer camps is at the expo. Directors, executives, and staff from summer camps, schools, and special education programs come to the expo to see what’s the latest in crafts, food, activities and other areas.

Hundreds of booths were lined up in The Palace displaying their products and explaining their services. Game shows, magicians, science shows and other entertainers do demonstrations. Some food companies and distributors offered free samples. The whole hall was a colorful riot of noise and fun.

Scholastic Success_ Everything Audio


View from the main ballroom from the balcony

Hot Chulent at the Weekly Link!


Live airbrushing demonstration by Chany Goldstein.

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